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  • Amazon's share price has nearly doubled over the past year and it is one of the few
    global companies to have a $1 trillion valuation
  • At the time of writing, Amazon’s trading price in the past 12 months has ranged from around $1,600 to more than $3,000
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The potential of Amazon stocks

Amazon is one of the world's largest e-commerce companies. It owns around 40% of the market share across this business sector in the United States – and its share is still growing. Current trends suggest that this industry will only gain further momentum in the years to come, which means that the company's profits are set to sky rocket.
  • As Amazon continues to expand and invest in enhancing selection, improving convenience, and reducing its pricing structure, it will become increasingly difficult for competitors to match its performance level
  • In addition, Amazon’s cloud services are thriving on higher demand from companies switching to virtual offices
  • For long-term investors, buying Amazon stock should be seen as a lucrative potential investment.